Bsquare universal cantilever shotgun rib scope mount

Bsquare scope mounts and scope rings for solid performance

For your next scope mounting project, take a look at Bsquare scope mounts. Made from aircraft aluminum, they mount securely so your scope will do its job well. Bsquare's saddle type shotgun mounts provide solid contact on both sides of the receiver and mount with replacement receiver bolts. Handgun mounts typically replace the rear sight of a revolver, or mount to the frame of a semi-auto pistol, so mounting will be as secure as possible. Bsquare makes ingenious rifle mounts, such as for the Ruger Mini 14 and Lee-Enfield rifle. There is even a universal cantilever mount that attaches to a shotgun's vent rib. Any way you mount it, you can trust your shooting or hunting adventure will be enjoyable thanks to Bsquare mounts and scope rings. These products are sold by Andean, Inc.

Bsquare shotgun saddle scope mountSaddle type shotgun mount features:

Pair of Bsquare scope rings

Bsquare scope rings